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PharmScreen updates

PharmScreen evolves day by day thanks to the feedback of many computational and medicinal chemists! We have been incorporating different features to our 3D virtual screening tool. Have a look to the latest updates! Major updates Field visualization: Now you are able to visualize the different molecular fields of your reference compound as well as…
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PharmScreen GUI v2.0 released: faster and easier! Request a demo

We have been working hard to bring up a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) based on feedback from many computational and medicinal chemists using PharmScreen. Today we are glad to announce that the version 2.0 of PharmScreen GUI has been released. Apart from different minor changes, the major improvements are related to ligand/library preparation and…
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New user interface for PharmScreen

Check out our new user interface for PharmScreen! Perform virtual screening campaigns with just a few clicks and take advantage of Pharmacelera's unique 3D hydrophobic fields! PharmScreen will find you leads with higher chemical diversity, increasing your chances of finding original scaffolds.
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