What do our customers say?

[The Pharmacelera team] worked closely with us to understand the problem and to provide a bespoke technical solution for our program in an iterative and flexible process.
It was a very productive collaboration that allowed [us] to develop a structure-based drug design strategy to address the target of interest through iterative discussions and experimentation.
Working with Pharmacelera’s team provided us instant access to a deep knowledge of pharmacological properties of our chemical entities to continue with and advance our research in the antibacterial field. In addition, Pharmacelera has been an invaluable resource for our team at IS Global, complementing it with their advanced in silico perspective, as well as robust scientific experience and relevant conclusions.
We were looking for insights to understand the rationale behind the pharmacological profile of our various series of compounds. With Pharmacelera, we found a partner with vast scientific experience in the field of computer-aided drug design. The team at Pharmacelera generated predictive models to find properties correlated with the known activity. These learnings can be applied jointly with structure and ligand-based tools to efficiently design new more refined chemicals. We highly recommend Pharmacelera and the use of their proprietary software to anyone who is involved in discovery activities within small molecules.