Manel is an experienced computational chemist and modeling scientist, currently Head of Computational Chemistry at AB Science and Commercial and Scientific Advisor at Pharmacelera. Previously he worked 22 years as computational chemist at Almirall. While at Almirall, he worked on drug discovery, molecular modeling, medicinal chemistry and scientific project management, using techniques such as structure based molecular design, virtual screening, 2D fingerprint and pharmacophore searches, molecular mechanics, and database mining among others. Manel has been involved in several drug discovery programmes which have generated candidates such as Aclidinium Bromide. He has strong relationships with industry and academia allowing him to have a deep knowledge on innovation in the field of drug design, software tools and commercial procedures. Manel has a pharmacy degree from Universitat de Barcelona (UB), a master degree on organic chemistry and a PhD in medicinal chemistry and molecular modeling from the same university. He is author of one patent and 26 scientific publications.

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