Javier is Pharmacelera's Computational Chemist and is also pursuing an Industrial PhD program from the University of Barcelona (UB) co-directed by F. Javier Luque and Enric Herrero. He holds a Pharmacy degree from University of Barcelona. The best asset provided by his studies is the multidisciplinary background, which gives to him knowledge in a wide range of disciplines, from biochemistry and biophysics to human physiology and physiopathology and organic chemistry. This background allows paving the way to further specialization in concrete aspects of the development of novel therapeutic agents.
Moreover, his interest in research and new technologies development made him join the research group of Prof. F. Javier Luque as an undergraduate student. During this period, he has been involved in computer aided drug design and protein modeling projects, which allowed him to learn computational chemistry techniques and acquire great knowledge about protein structure and function.

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