Alessandro is Pharmacelera’s Medicinal/Computational Chemist. He has got a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Cagliari, Italy, with a thesis entitled “Design, synthesis and SAR of small molecules acting on pain pathways” under the supervision of Prof. Valentina Onnis. His Ph.D. studies were focused on the design and synthesis of numerous molecules with different structure and specific pharmacological targets, in particular compounds endowed with analgesic activities. He worked also on synthesis of new molecules endowed with carbonic anhydrase inhibitory activity, antiproliferative activities on human cancer cell lines, and molecules endowed with nematicidal activity.

He holds a Master degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, at University of Cagliari, which give him a strong background in pharmacology, biology and anatomy, along with organic and medicinal chemistry, field in which he gave his thesis dissertation.

During his Ph.D. program he spent a semester at American University of Washington DC, USA, where he worked with with Prof. Stefano Costanzi on a homology modeling theoretical project, and he has been involved in computer aided drug design.

In 2016 he went at University of Barcelona, at the Prof. F. Javier Luque laboratories, for a PostDoc in computational chemistry, which allowed him to hone his knowledge on computational chemistry techniques.

Alessandro Deplano is on LinkedIn