Challenges in GPCR Drug Design
with Thijs Beuming (Latham BioPharm Group), Zara Sands (Confo Therapeutics), Javier Vazquez (Pharmacelera)
VideoJune 22th, 2021
New frontiers in CNS - Session 2: Virtual Screening Case study for CNS
with Giorgia Zaetta (Pharmacelera)
VideoMay 6th, 2021
New frontiers in CNS - Session 1: From target selection to small molecules design
with Marco de Vivo (IIT), Maria Laura Bolognesi (University of Bologna), Stephen Penrose (Anima Biotech)
VideoApril 29th, 2021
In Silico Approaches To Phenotypic Assays
with Henriëtte Willems (University of Cambridge), Paul Finn (Oxford Drug Design)
VideoNov. 12th, 2020
Increasing hit diversity with PharmScreen: A novel Virtual Screening approach. Antimicrobial discovery example
with Enric Herrero (Pharmacelera)
VideoJuly 21st, 2020
Antimicrobial Resistance Problem: Phenotypic vs. Target-Based Screening
with Eric Bacqué (Evotec), Santanu Datta (Bugworks), Marc Gitzinger (BioVersys)
VideoJuly 9th, 2020
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