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Targeting protein-protein interactions for new therapies

Why protein-protein interactions are important? Protein-protein interactions (PPI) play a major role in several of the cellular functions and processes that take place in our organism. Researchers estimate that around 130.000 binary interactions occur between different proteins (1). These interactions also regulate several of the pathogenic mechanisms that bacteria use during the infection process. The…
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Clustering methods for large molecular library screening

Today, the amount of data generated in many fields such as engineering, social sciences or medicine is suffering a tremendous scale-up. Extraction of relevant information is hence becoming increasingly challenging, and methods of data analysis such as clustering are now crucial. Clustering consists on the identification of homogeneous subgroups among a set of heterogeneous items.…
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Fragment Based Drug Design and Field-Based Technology

Image obtained from Advances in Fragment-Based Drug Discovery by  Laura Elizabeth Mason Fragment-Based Drug Design (FBDD) is becoming a useful strategy for hit to lead optimization in drug discovery. In the last years, some compounds derived from such methodology have progressed into clinical trials and it is estimated that this trend will increase in a…
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