Machine Learning partnership to accelerate discovery of novel drugs

CCDC and Pharmacelera combine virtual screening and machine learning expertise to help scientists accelerate drug discovery Barcelona and Cambridge, UK, 26th June 2019. The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) and Pharmacelera have reached an agreement to perform a joint research project to reinforce the results obtained by structure-based in-silico technologies via ligand-based tools. GOLD, CCDC’s docking software used…
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Empowering Biotechnology sector in the Bioregion of Catalonia

Last December, Biocat 1 reported that the Bioregion of Catalonia is witnessing a growth in international investment and described Catalonia as a dynamic hub in healthcare and life sciences for many reasons. We summarize the most relevant: Excellence in research Catalonia has invested in research and higher education and in specific programs designed to attract top-level…
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Pharmacelera participates in the SME Instrument Phase I program

Pharmacelera has been awarded an SME Phase I grant from the European Commission for its MolPredict project. The EU received 2009 requests in the call where Pharmacelera submitted its proposal and it decided to support 257 small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) from 31 countries (a 12.8% acceptance rate) who aim to get their innovations faster…
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