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Pharmacelera: 2019 Summary

2019 was an exciting year for Pharmacelera and we look forward to 2020 with energy and commitment. Stay tuned for updates in forthcoming months! Let's have a look to the 2019 summary! Collaborations and Partnerships This year has been very productive for us. For example, we have started a new collaboration with a top 10…
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Measuring Virtual Screening Accuracy

Virtual Screening (VS) is a core in-silico technology in medicinal and computational chemistry. Several tools have been developed to exploit protein structures or collections of compounds to provide a quick and economical method for the discovery of novel active compounds. Hence, the comparative evaluation of VS algorithms becomes a fundamental exercise to assess the applicability…
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PharmScreen updates

PharmScreen evolves day by day thanks to the feedback of many computational and medicinal chemists! We have been incorporating different features to our 3D virtual screening tool. Have a look to the latest updates! Major updates Field visualization: Now you are able to visualize the different molecular fields of your reference compound as well as…
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Targeting protein-protein interactions for new therapies

Why protein-protein interactions are important? Protein-protein interactions (PPI) play a major role in several of the cellular functions and processes that take place in our organism. Researchers estimate that around 130.000 binary interactions occur between different proteins (1). These interactions also regulate several of the pathogenic mechanisms that bacteria use during the infection process. The…
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