Woody Sherman holds a Ph.D. in computational chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During graduate school he founded MolySym, an educational technology company focused on designing human-computer interfaces to improve physical science learning. He also worked at Biogen where he applied novel computational methods for antibody affinity optimization, culminating in a patent and publications. He joined Schrödinger in 2004 where he spent more than 12 years developing and applying advanced computational methods used at biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies throughout the world. As vice president and global head of applications sciences at Schrodinger, Woody led many of the breakthrough projects, including Induced Fit Docking, WaterMap, High-Throughput Virtual Screening, Protein Preparation Wizard, and FEP+. Woody is a key opinion leader in molecular simulations, computer-aided drug design and high-performance computing. He has co-authored more than 80 publications in several fields of computational chemistry and drug discovery. Woody is currently the chief scientific officer at Silicon Therapeutics and an adjunct professor in biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Mariana holds a PhD in Chemistry from Universidad de Santiago de Chile and she later performed post-doc stays at the University of Durham and Universität Konstanz working on Quantum Mechanics. Mariana is an experienced multilingual and multicultural entrepreneur and manager in the software and scientific industries. She accumulates 25 years of experience in Marketing and Business Development in the Life and Materials Science sector in companies such as Accelrys (now DS Biovia), Perkin Elmer, Dotmatics and Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD). She also serves as advisor and member of the board in several life science companies.

Manel holds a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Modelling from Universitat de Barcelona (UB) and a Master Degree in Organic Chemistry from the same university. Manel accumulates more than 25 years of industrial experience in the fields of molecular modelling, medicinal and organic chemistry and drug discovery. He worked for 22 years in Almirall and he is now the head of Computational Chemistry at AB Science. Manel is co-author in one patent and in 26 scientific publications.

Albert holds a Pharmacy degree from Universitat de Barcelona (UB), an MBA from EADA Business School and a Stanford School of Business and ESADE Business School degree on Corporate Social Responsibility. Albert accumulates 18 years of experience in business development, technology transfer, marketing and entrepreneurship in the areas of biotechnology, medical devices, digital health and drug discovery in Barcelona and Silicon Valley. He has raised more than 10M euros in his different roles and has served as mentor and board member in more than 10 start-ups.

Joan holds a degree in Medicine from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), a Management Degree from IESE Business School, a Business and Finance degree from Harvard Business School and a master’s degree in Biomedicine, Biotechnology and EU Law from UNED. He currently is the Director of Innovation at Hospital Clínic and the Director of Strategy and Innovation at Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal). Joan is an internationally recognized person in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector, working for 10 years as Medical Director at Bayer and 11 years as Director at Novartis.