Find Larger Chemical Diversity

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Quantum Mechanics and Machine Learning For Drug Discovery

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Multi-platform software solutions using proprietary algorithms designed to explore a larger and more diverse chemical space


Tailored solutions for your drug discovery projects using cutting-edge computational chemistry methodologies


Proprietary 3D hydrophobic descriptors based on quantum mechanics calculations for a better and more accurate molecular representation


New Frontiers in CNS
Session 2

Virtual Screening Case Study for CNS

New Frontiers in CNS
Session 1

From target selection to small mol. design

In Silico Approaches
To Phenotypic Assays

A novel Virtual Screening approach.

Increasing hit diversity with PharmScreen

Phenotypic vs. Target-Based Screening​


Field-Based Virtual Screening

Using accurate descriptors for hydrophobic properties based on Quantum Mechanics methods, PharmScreen helps you to mine the unexpected chemical space of your molecular libraries.